Dry period

Dry period

A carefree dry period

A good dry period requires a careful approach. The dry period brings a change of ration and is also a time of major hormonal change. A good dry period is crucial for the life of both cow and calf. It lays the foundations for the next lactation and the potential of the unborn calf. 

We formulate proven dry matter rations based on high dry matter intake and palatability, resulting in a trained rumen and a strong start to lactation. Our dry period concept helps cows to pass through the transition period smoothly and easily. 

"We have been feeding TheTransitionCompany ration for more than three years now. As a result, we no longer suffer from milk fever, the cows cleanse well and they go through the transition period easily. The ration is very reliable and stable. You can rely on it."

- Peters Melkvee V.O.F., the Netherlands, 120 cows.

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Martijn Kirghof
Martijn Kirghof
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